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This is a sampling of some of the sites we have done. Below each thumbnail, you will see the specific features that make the site dynamically changeable by the customer. Click on the thumbnail to visit the site.

Jetways Shuttle - Brantford


The site allows the for complete customer booking of shuttles, automatic e-mailing to customs, manifest generation, travel agent registration and login, it keeps track of how full the busses are, accepts credit cards and passes the information to the credit card approval agency.

Order of Malta - Canadian Chapter


This site allows the customer to update news, calendar and photo galleries.

Toronto Triumph Car Club


This site is using News, Classified Ads, Calendar, Links administration. There is also a full membership area with online membership payment and renewal, automatic password generation and emails and a full membership database with administration.

Document Holiday, Brantford


This site is a static type of site with a flash accent.

Brantford Weather Station


This site is quite complex. There is live video, live weather updates, forecasts, etc. It is completely automated and runs 24 hours per day.

Lease-It - Brantford


This site has out GWD suite that allows the customer to update the news section on the front page.

Grand River Chorus - Brantford, ON


There is software on this site to allow the customer to update the news section

Spa Sisters, Cambridge, ON.


This site has provision for the customer to update news and has a complete e-commerce shopping cart on it.

The St. George Company Ltd. Gardening Site


There is software on this site to allow the customer to update a news area on the front page. Also the feature product changes with each site load. There is also the implementation of Mals shopping cart.

Brantford Children’s Chorus


This site has a customer updated news, and calendar area and a member passworded area with a console for managing it.

Cooper Imports, Buffalo - Forty Mile Creek Site


This site has custom software to allow visitors to search for a retailer in the area where they live. It also allows the customer to update news areas in 4 different areas. Mals shopping cart is also implemented.

Fairways Golf Magazine


This complete site is dynamic and can be changed from an administrator interface. Even the navigation can be changed. News and php scrolling is also implemented.

Olive’s Best


This site has provision for the customer to testimonials and where to buy the products.

IR Energy - Superior Radiant


The owners of this site have been trained on the web development software, so they can maintain it themselves. It also has a passworded dealer area so that they can post information that is not public.

Concept Marketing


This site has a flash accent and is written in php and is database driven.

Document Holiday, Brantford


This site can be updated on the front page with our calendar and using the news script. It also has a passworded area for board members and employees complete with an administrative control panel to manage then.

Great Lakes Tour - Professional Golf Tour


This site allows the customer to update the news area of the home page. This site also includes custom written software that does complete golf statistics for both professional and amateur golf..

LDK Engineering - Burlington, ON


This site has software installed for the customer to update the news on the home page. There is also and instance of our project based file transfer program called EXTRANET.

REC Demolition - Toronto, ON


This site is a static site for information

The St. George Company Main Site


This site has a shopping cart as well as a news component.

Elegance in Glass, Brantford Bridal Site


This site implements Mals shopping cart. It also plays background music while the customer looks / shops.

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