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We provide custom database programming for any function / capability that you require. Our programmer will take your idea and develop and troubleshoot it until it is doing exactly what you require and then we will train you how to manage it.


We offer some programs that have already been developed and can be modified to suit your specific needs or just brand it with your logo and design. Following is a sampling of our stock programs.


EXTRANET - Project Based File Transfer

This program is especially suited to Engineers, Architects, builders or anyone that needs to organize file transfer activities. This program allows automatic uploads of files and provides email notifications to all of the people that are associated with each project. You may have unlimited projects and people that are associated with them. If you would like a demonstration of how it works please email.


E-News - Allows you to keep you clientele up-to-date

This script allows the owner of the site to have section(s) of the website, where, they can enter up-to-date. The information that you want to display on the website is entered into an administrators area. This allows the site owner to keep his site looking fresh and showing customers, time sensitive items quickly, without having the time lines and expense of the web developer doing the job. This program allows you to include pictures and they even auto-resize. If you would like a demonstration of how it works please email.


E-Blast - Email Marketing

Your email marketing is easy to manage with our E-Blast product. It looks after your mailing list (you can even upload it from an Excel Spreadsheet) There is an easy to use, administrative interface to enter the articles and associated pictures all in a secure area. Start your email marketing today! If you would like a demonstration of how it works please email.



If you need to survey a group of people for research or for decision making purposes you can use our new E-survey. I provides for short answers, multiple choice and weighted answers. This script is completely set up from a simple administrator interface. If you would like a demonstration of how it works please email.


File Download

If you need to be able to upload files for clients to download, you could use our file download script. The administrator control panel will walk you through the process.


Custom work

We have done extensive custom programming for the golf industry by way of complete statistics packages, Shipping receiving software for the fulfillment industry and seat reservation software for the travel industry.


Contact us for a quotation a custom programming solution for your website!

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