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The overall look and functionality of you website, is important to projecting your corporate identity to your selected target market.


We us an orderly approach to help accomplish this design and functionality goal


We will discuss your needs and expectations

  • What products and / or services that you offer
  • What type of site you require (informational, e-commerce, database)
  • The target market that you wish to attract
  • What you would like the site to do for you company
  • What information you have to present on the net
  • What search words would you expect a prospective client to type in to find you


We would have an Artist Design a prototype as follows

  • The item would design some options for look and feel of your new site
  • You would choose the one that you like best
  • Our artist will further develop the design until you are satisfied that it projects your company well
  • Your approval is next


Assembling the site after you have approved the design

  • We will need to get the content from you (both pictures and copy)
  • We will assemble the site with your content
  • You will approve it before we make it live on the internet


Search Engines

  • We will do the search engine submission for you (optional)
  • We will provide keyword and link suggestions


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